Kotler Confirms, the Marketer Profile has Changed.

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Changes in the way companies do business and especially in the communication revolution provided by the web, are demanding a new view of marketing. This is something that even Philip Kotler has already pointed out.

Imagine yourself watching your favorite TV show or flipping through a magazine. Almost every time an ad is shown we change the channel, do something else or simply skip the page. This is due to the fact that consumers today are only interested in seeking content and the traditional way of communicating your product is suffering the impact of this preference.

There is a new order on the web and the traditional way in which corporations communicate with their customers, based on interruption, is changing rapidly. The new rules of Marketing and Public Relations break down the traditional barriers by requiring that all communication is “authentic and transparent.”

Social media and the available search tools are shaping a new format that is bringing a democracy to the traditional communication system. The fact is that today over 80% of people search all types of information they need online. This means that they are always looking for good content to support them to make their decisions. New marketers need to fully understand social media, search engines and how to generate content. Fundamentally this means creating customer-centric content in order to attract them by providing relevant information when they need it rather than product centric focused information. Until recently, companies could simply hammer their messages without the possibility for the audience to filter or interact with them. Currently, target audiences require dialogue with the brand and this new demand brings up the need for a new approach, created by a new type of professional. The table shows some of the new skills needed, what they mean and how to identify them.


There are entry barriers, because older professionals seem to have a hard time when dealing with new technology means and tend to ignore their need and power . On the other hand, professionals that were “born” in the web environment often do not understand the nature of the relationships built in the “real world”, that one of the events, campaigns, journalist’s pitches, etc.

This fact leads to a segregation of two worlds inside companies, making the online and offline universes not to take full advantage of their possible and necessary integration. Many companies already work in this way treating their PR and marketing departments separately and now are standing in front of  another challenge, how to make the integration with the “online world”.

Several companies and agencies, which claim to be experts in the new issue, neither have a blog nor a social media adequate presence. When they have presence very often they only replicate content or post releases of their products all the time and don’t allow interaction from fans.

The new tools put the “company-centric” aside and create space to the “buyer persona-centric”. The development of strategies and content to deal with this new format, requires a different way of thinking and especially the knowledge of all tools in the online and offline worlds.

Some companies are already talking about creating a CCO – Chief Conversation Officer or Chief Content Officer. In order to generate content (blogs, videos, podcasts, webinars, etc.) and develop presence in social media, dedication and  ability to translate customer requirements into useful content to make them decide for your company are demanded.

If you have to hire a new marketing executive, who would you hire considering these new skills?

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