Professional Background

SAP 2012 – currentlymarcelo fernandes

HQ: Germany
Latin America Mobility & Database Marketing Manager
Responsible for Marketing programs and demand generation for Mobility and Database solutions.

Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, and with locations in more than 130 countries, SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue.

SAP Mobile Solutions
• Development of the regional marketing approach strategy in order to reach the desired sales targets with pipeline generation and opportunity maturation actions.

SAP Sybase Database Portfolio
• Lead generation actions promoting Big Data focused events in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina;
• On line programs including Big Data webinar transmitted to all LA countries and online campaign including media, landing pages, video production and marketing automation system.
• Database campaign using Telemarketing in LA;

Conexa Digital Marketing – 1st Inbound Marketing Agency in Brazil 2009-2011marcelo fernandes

HQ: Brazil
Director (MD)
Responsible for 40 employees, all the operation and reporting to investors.

Focused on Social Media, Video & Text Content, SEO, Optimization, Websites, Analytics, Online Media, Tablet & Smartphones site optimization for B2B and B2C customers, the company belongs to a private equity management fund and had 40 employees such as journalists, web designers, html, php, ruby on rails programmers, sales and mkt, social media and seo experts. Investments over USD 2 Million were done in the company operation.

Before it was called Conexa, I worked as a content agency for a TV channel where I approached countries tourism boards, chambers of commerce, hotels, malls, cruises, airways and large brands as sponsors in order to launch a TV special program. TV show was about South Africa and Seychelles Islands where I did the filming, script, co-direction in 4 editions that were made for TV and online broadcast. The show involved cooperation with government agencies and large brands as partners/sponsors.

• Launch of the 1st Inbound Marketing Agency in Brazil, based on multimedia content marketing for PC and Mobile Device environments.

• Company reorganization where I implemented a new strategic positioning, structure, marketing and sales guidelines.

• USD 2 million sales pipeline creation based on several companies as prospects. • P&L and a 30 people team management.

• Spokesman with presentations done in various events such as WebExpo Forum, CeBit Brazil, Mall Challenges in the Web Era, customers, etc.

• Executive production and I developed a new TV Show for a Brazilian TV Channel with video, social media, e-mail marketing selling materials and business formatting. The promotion was done using e-mail marketing, calls during the programming and PR 2.0 principles (blog and social media).

• Video Director and writer with over 50 articles published in key websites as well as interviews.

• I closed an unprofitable BU saving hundreds of thousands dollars to investors that I’m reporting to.

marcelo fernandesNYCNYC 2006-2009

HQ: Brazil
Marketing & Business Development Director
Entrepreneur, own business, responsible for business creation and implementantion.

This was an entrepreneurship project as a SMB company. The network of shops achieved 70 employees and a USD 3 million turnover. The company had private investors as partners.

• I created and implemented the expansion model for a franchising managing a USD 1,5M investment, P&L, suppliers, employees, etc.

• Planned and start up of operations including legal, labor, bank relationships as well as media and partners. • USD 1 million turnover in the first year.

• Spokesperson for media relations.

• Creation and development of the brand concept and communication actions.

• Management of advertisement and PR agency, customer acquisition and loyalty programs.

• Development of guerrilla, e-mail and social media marketing actions. I created and wrote all the website content and design.

• Development of the new shops, construction partners’ management and search for specific suppliers.

• I supported and partner with plays, developed relationship with artists and celebrities managers in order to promote the brand.

• Business planning construction in order to attract investors and make the expansion project possible.

Huawei Technologies 2005 –2006marcelo fernandes

HQ: China
Senior Marketing Manager – Latin America
Responsible for the Brazil Marketing Dept and Brand Supervisor in Latin America

Huawei Technologies provides customized network solutions for telecom carriers around the world. Specializing in the research and development and production and marketing of communications equipment, Huawei holds leading positions in the global market in the areas of 3G,next generation network (NGN), switching, xDSL, optical network,and data communications .

Established in 1988, Huawei has already won trust from over 300 telecom carriers around the world. Our products and solutions serve over 90 countries, as well as 22 of the world’s top 50 operators. In 2005, Huawei’s contracted global sales reached USD8.2 billion and over USD 400 million in Latin America, an increase of 45% and 100% year on year respectively.

• In 2006 at Huawei, beyond Brand supervision in LA, I took over the Brazil branch Marketing dept with 14 team members including 3 Product Management areas, PR, Brand (events and Ads) and Market Intelligence.

• I developed the 2006 Latin America Market Communications plan as well as the product portfolio promotion towards key accounts defining actions with the product marketing management teams.

• I developed and implemented the 2006 Brazil Marketing planning (in course) working with different marketing areas managing a USD 3 Million budget.

• I developed together with Ogilvy LA the Brand campaign including the LA Brand Manifesto and concept implementing also the new Global Visual Identity in Latin America.

• As Huawei LA Marketing Manager and Regional Brand Supervisor, I developed and implemented the LA Brand dept structure with the objective of improving Huawei brand exposure being responsible for a team with 6 people (Brazilians, Chinese and Mexican) managing roles like Communication, Market Intelligence , PR, Events and other countries in the regions. I managed also a USD 2 million budget in H205 as well as the management of all Marketing suppliers.

• I’m also responsible for the management and execution of media campaign, national and international events such as ITU Americas Telecom, F1, Futurecom, Expocomm Mexico and Technology Road Show in 5 Brazilian cities and in Colombia focusing on fixed and mobile operators.

• My responsibility also includes the development and execution of Marketing programs that enhance brand identity, awareness about the corporation, promote products in events, ads, PR and customer relationship.

• Also develop and implement the master PR plan including media and communities relationships, Internal Communication, Investor Relations. Budget plan and control.

Comverse Technologies – Americas Division 2003 – 2005marcelo fernandes

Origem: USA / Israel
Marketing Manager – Latin America
Responsible for Mkt (Strategic and Marcom), Business Development and PR

Comverse is the leading provider of software and systems that enable multimedia value added services in wireless and wireline networks. Over 400 wireline and wireless network operators in more than 100 countries around the world rely on expertly crafted Comverse service solutions to reinforce brand identity, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase the average revenue per user. Comverse is a unit of Comverse Technology, Inc.-a publicly held company traded as CMVT on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

• As the LA Marketing Manager I was hired in Comverse, reporting to the local General Manager and to the LA Mkt Director, to develop and implement the new company strategic positioning through the correct communication with all stakeholders with the objective of achieving the desired sales target defined by the strategic plan and headquarters in the USA.

• I worked in Business Development where I did the strategic planning and scenario analysis understanding our customers business and interacting with the sales team in order to determine short and medium term opportunities.

• I worked together with the sales team in the determination of the sales pipeline for 2004 and 2005 participating in actions that raised sales in 50% and more than 100% from 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 respectively.

• With 8 months in the company I was the winner of the best Marketing Program prize after developing a business case that shown the customer about a USD 100 million opportunity, competitiveness improvement, cost reduction if he would buy our solution. This contributed to the closing of a several million USD business and increased our market share from 40 to over 60% in the brazilian market.

• I developed and participated in the strategic sessions about the brazilian market to discussions been held in HQ in the USA on quaterly basis.

• I developed pre-sales acting as a facilitator of International Product Managers inside ou customers allowing them to present our solutions. I also revised and proposed changes in the presentations in order to adapt them for the customer local reality and presented/discussed business plans with customers.

• I was also responsible for the planning of actions as a function of sales opportunities in a major customer in LA with regional leadership.

• I managed the company participation in trade shows as well as customer and internal events where I was the spokesman in many ocasions.

• I created the internal communication program called “Total Communication” in order to inform employees about our challenges and achievements.

• I was the oficial spokesman of the company for pess interviews with many articles and interviews published in the media (RNT, BNAmericas, Frequencia, Valor, B2B Magazine, etc).

LogicaCMG 2000 – 200marcelo fernandes

HQ: England / Holland
Marketing Manager – Latin America
Responsible for Marketing and PR in the region

LogicaCMG is a major international force in IT services and wireless telecoms. It provides management and IT consultancy, systems integration and outsourcing services to clients across diverse markets including telecoms, financial services, energy and utilities, industry, distribution and transport and the public sector.

The group holds a 60 per cent controlling interest in Edinfor, S.A. (Edinfor), one of the largest IT service providers in Portugal, with additional operations in Spain and Brazil. LogicaCMG employs around 21,000 staff in offices across 34 countries and has more than 40 years of experience in IT services. Headquartered in Europe, LogicaCMG is listed on both the London and Amsterdam stock exchanges.

• As the Marketing Manager for CMG Latin America I designed and implemented strategic marketing plans focusing on the wireless data software market, reporting to the region’s president, managing a budget of USD 1.1 million.

• I did the start up of the marketing operations defining policies and staff, contracting and managing the relationship with all marketing suppliers and establishing contact/evaluation with partners.

• I did market research in CMG, for the wireless (mobile data,SMS, MMS, 2.5G and 3G) industry, using market intelligence technics identifying market shares in LA countries and better target customers in order to align the marketing planning to the business planning (in CMG focusing on market share increase from 13 to 20%).

• Worked in the review and information exchange of strategig data with HQ in Holland supporting the alignment of LA plans with global marketing and sales strategies.

• I was the responsible for the first MMS over 1xRTT trial in world together with Telesp Celular and presentation in the Telexpo 2001 where I coordinated the international PR action.

• In CMG I was responsible as well for  marketing  operations management  defining actions for customers prospection and maintanance through the use of ad campaigns (key Telecom magazines), events (Telexpo and others), e-mail marketing, multimedia material, collaterals, etc.

• In CMG I was the spoken person  for customers, events and  press with many articles published and 190 mentions in 18 months at CMG (Gazeta, Valor, Forbes, RNT, WorldTelecom, Estadão, Teletime, Frequência, Telepress, Bandeirantes Radio, etc).

• As a speaker and event chairman I presented and discussed trends and technologies developed by the company in key events in the industry.

• I was responsible for Marketing Services to our customers doing presentations that aimed to bring the knowledge of other parts of the world to the regions adapting the messages to the local reality.

• I participated in the definition of logo and pay off changes in HQ as well as discussed the hiring criteria for a global PR agency.

• In Special Projects I founded the “Mobile Data Task Force” as part of the telecommunication committe at AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce) gathering companies like Siemens, Ericsson, Lucent, Bel South, Telefonica, IG, etc…

Ericsson Telecommunications 1998 – 2000marcelo fernandes

HQ: Sweden
Account Manager –BU, Network Technologies
Responsible for Marketing & Sales to South America Trainee Program – Product Management

Ericsson is the largest supplier of mobile systems in the world and support all major standards for wireless communication. We drive the telecoms industry and are shaping the future. The world´s 10 largest mobile operators are among our customers and some 40% of all mobile calls are made through our systems. Ericsson has been active worldwide since 1876 and we are today present in more than 140 countries. The headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

• In Ericsson I was responsible for the account management developing custmomer  relationship,  making solutions presentations, tender coordination and preparation up to USD 15 million, import/export logistic and post sales support coordination.

• I did as well marketing  support  for  other  Ericsson’s  units, interface with Sweden, business development for new products, etc, reaching a turnover of USD 7 million in 2000.

• I was part of the team that presented the Solutions to a customer in Chile building a fiber optics backbone that crossed the Andes from Chile to Argentina where Ericsson won the deal.

• In Ericsson I did stakeholders development (subcontractors, associations, universities, suppliers, internal/external  partners  and  customers) with special projects focusing on brand awareness and local market development (adaptation and manufacturing) leading to a sales increase.

• I did market research in Ericsson, for the wireline (fiber optics) industry, using market intelligence technics identifying market shares in LA countries and better target customers in order to align the marketing planning to the business planning.

• I was the leader of a Business Intelligence project that used market research information and allowed the feasibility study of the Brazilian market supplying information to HQ in Sweeden to authorize the creation of a local Business Unit.

• I developed a R&D project together with the team of LSI/USP in order to use the benefits of law 8248, witch the objective was the creation of applications that could use Fiber to the Home technology presenting it to many local Vice Presidents and the R&D VP of Ericsson R&D center in Sweeden. Despite of the fact that this project was not done it generated the 1 st sale of a Fiber to the Desk in Latin America to the Ericsson R&D center in Indaiatuba/SP.

• In Ericsson I participated in the Business Unit launching plan (1999) including communication plan,  staff hiring, internal interfaces, budgeting, market research, etc  during  the  start  up  phase  and after.

• In 1998 I was part of the Ericsson Trainee Program (high potential graduates) in the Product Management department where I developed internal and external trainings, presentations and solutions discussions in Brazilian Operators, product development together with local suppliers, product adaptation to the local market, proposals preparation and definition of the commercial policies of the unit, etc…

Medline– Medical Equipaments 1996 – 1997

HQ: Brazil
Product Engineer
Responsible for Implementation and Customer Training Small size Brazilian

Company in the Medical Equipaments segments, representative of American and European suppliers.

• I was responsible for equipaments maintenance.

• I developed customer relationships supporting them with product information and training.

• I implemented Bone Densitometry devices and did maintenance in many Brazilian cities.

• I coordinated the software and user manual translation and version.

• I attended a technical training in Verona, Italy.