Enterprise Marketing Director – Brazil


Marcelo is one of the best marketing professionals I’ve ever worked with. He constantly thinks outside the box and provides the most creative alternatives to deal with challenging situations. His ability to find simplicity in the middle of complex scenarios is one of his most outstanding skills. With his background and knowledge, he can efficiently bring together sales and marketing teams based on a solid framework of actions, always bringing value for the customers as his ultimate goal. It was a pleasure and a great learning experience to work with him.

Alessandro Jannuzzi, Open Source Strategy Manager, Microsoft

Marcelo is a demand generation expert and creative & innovative marketing leader who delivers on the core disciplines of marketing but also brings a host of fresh and new ideas to the team table.

I first met Marcelo when he became the enterprise marketing lead for Brazil, and I quickly learned to turn to him for audience and partner insights. As Microsoft looked to develop new audiences, Marcelo shined as a leader dedicated to understanding the customer and the customer’s language with a deep ability to perceive and understand nuances.

He is a constant source of innovation, staying on top of the latest marketing technologies and practices, especially in the execution of a more engaging and connected customer journey. Marcelo made the team stronger and smarter by sharing his ideas, knowledge, learnings and inspirations. I’d also add that I simply enjoyed working with Marcelo. He made the work interesting and fun.

Kelly Wagman – Global Content Marketing Director, Microsoft

Marcelo is a very seasoned Enterprise Marketing executive, bringing togheter a very diverse set of professional and entreperneuship experiences. In special in the field of Digital Transformation. I do recomend him.

André Echeverria – Business Group Director, Microsoft

Marcelo is a top marketing professional truly oriented to the business tendencies. I have the pleasure of working with him and having his team as a relevant business partner. He is pretty ready to contribute and to collaborate, always with strategy and guidance. I took this opportunity of working with Marcelo as a huge contribution to my marketing learning.  

Anne Raquel Moura – Inside Sales Manager, Microsoft

Mobility & Database Portfolios


Marcelo always showed honesty and great commitment towards the goals of the business, applying his skills in benefit of the corporation.
During his tenure at SAP, he always showed great leadership and business acumen, as well as great experience and seniority.
Marcelo is extremely creative and open to new ways to face the challenges, showing great leadership and entrepreneurship. On one hand, he is detail oriented, but he also owns a practical and concrete mentality that works in benefit of the speed and sense of urgency.

Armando Rodriguez – Marketing Vice-President, SAP (former Boss)

Marcelo is an extraordinary leader who I worked with at Sybase and SAP. During this time I witnessed his ability to lead and influence the organization with his creativity and great ideas that impacted on a positive way business results. He implemented very successful marketing campaigns and has the ability to create great relationships among the people he work with, suppliers and customers. He is a trustable professional and very passionate about his job that it is contagious for all the people that are around him. He is a team player and a results oriented person who can influence international teams to make the difference and improve growth in demanding markets. It was a great pleasure working with him.

Esther Riveroll – Sales Vice-President Mexico, SAP

Marcelo is a Top marketing professional who understands how to create a marketing message that speaks lounder than hundreds sale pitches. Marcelo helped SAP understand its brand proposition and innovation portfolio in a way that enhanced SAP marketing image. The best part of interacting with Marcelo is his attention to detail and his ability to deliver the WOW factor!

Fabian Valverde – Mobility Sales Director, SAP

Director (MD)

Conexa Digital Marketing – 1st Inbound Marketing Agency in Brazil

“Marcelo is a natural leader. He knows how to surpass problems, always with a creative solution. Marcelo is a corporate strategist. I´ve learned a lot by working with him.” 2 de novembro de 2011

Luiz Augusto Dornelas Correia, Gerente de Projetos, Conexa Marketing Digital
estava em outra empresa quando trabalhou com Marcelo na Conexa Digital Marketing – 1st Inbound Marketing Agency in Brazil

“Marcelo is a highly motivated and dedicated professional with whom I have had the pleasure of working with on this year. Marcelo has always maintained a great awareness of market trends and conditions, and the needs to manage his working teams and support the clients as well. These attributes coupled with his creativity, dedication, and professional behavior makes him an excellent manager to any organization.” 31 de outubro de 2011

Emmanuel Souza, Digital Marketing Analyst, Conexa Marketing Digital
era subordinado direto de Marcelo na Conexa Digital Marketing – 1st Inbound Marketing Agency in Brazil

“Marcelo is a great example of determination, professionalism and passion. He is a highly-energized and competent professional who knows how to creatively build a brand from start to finish. Marcelo is a unique blend of corporate leader and entrepreneur and is an asset to any organization lucky enough to have him on their team.” 2 de março de 2009

Noah Glazov, CEO & Founder, Proximídia Digital Signage
era consultor ou prestador de serviços de Marcelo para Fast Casual Food

Marketing and Business Development Director

NYCNYC (entrepreneur)

“Marcelo has shown excellent ability to delivery creative results under pressure and also to develop marketing strategies that stand out from common place.” 31 de outubro de 2011

Marcio Weiler, Partner – Owner, NYC NYC Sandwich Bar
trabalhou diretamente com Marcelo na Conexa

“Só tenho elogios a fazer do Marcelo e de toda equipe NYCNYC. Fui contratado com a banda 7CITIES para fazer um show acústico no NYCNYC e tudo correu perfeitamente bem, dentro do contratado! Diria que o profissionalismo, a seriedade, a transparência e o companheirismo são suas principais características!  Obrigado Marcelo pela oportunidade e até a próxima!” 18 de maio de 2010

Gus Potenza, Owner, 7CITIES (band)
era consultor ou prestador de serviços de Marcelo para NYCNYC (SMB Food Services)

Latin America Senior Marketing Manager


“I had a pleasure to work with Marcelo in the same dept. Marcelo is an intelligent employee that cannot be underestimated. Ambitious, strong, achievement oriented and loyal.” 19 de fevereiro de 2010

Marcelo Adriano Brazao, LA Marketing, Huawei Technologies Co.., Ltd
era subordinado direto de Marcelo na Huawei Technologies

“Marcelo is a very responsible professional with an extensive experience in Marketing and Media Relations areas. During the period he worked for Huawei, he brought innovative ideas to the team. I recommend Marcelo without any hesitation.” 10 de fevereiro de 2010

Lais Guarizzi, Diretora, Gaspar & Associados Comunicação Empresarial
era consultor ou prestador de serviços de Marcelo para Huawei Technologies

“Great challenge to build a brand to a chinese company in a so competitive market as telecomm infrastructure. Marcelo was the right guy, with the right challenge. And he was terrific in the task!” 6 de abril de 2009

Courtnay Guimaraes, Corporate Partnerships Mananger, Vivo S.A.
estava em outra empresa quando trabalhou com Marcelo na Huawei Technologies

“Marcelo differentiates himself from other marketing professionals complementing his energy, creativity, enthusiasm with business acumen. I would recommend him as marketing executive to any company looking for strategic exposure.” 6 de abril de 2009

Luis Minoru Shibata, Managing Director, Latin America, Yankee Group
era consultor ou prestador de serviços de Marcelo para Huawei Technologies

“Marcelo help me a lot to promote Huawei datacom brand in the Brazilian market, in the jobs the we did together he worked very focused and brought always good results” 12 de março de 2009

Cesar Augusto Fuzeto, Product Manager, Huawei Technologies
trabalhou com Marcelo na Huawei Technologies

“Marcelo is one of the finest marketing expert in the Brazilian market.” 9 de março de 2009

Principais qualidades: Ótimos resultados, Alta integridade, Criativo

Agostinho Gaspar
contratou Marcelo como Consultor comercial em 2003

Latin America Marketing Manager


“Marcelo is a great sales professional, very polite, helpful and committed. He has an excellent inter-personal relationship. Highly recommended.” 27 de setembro de 2011

Marcelo Sato, Innovation Manager, Vivo
era cliente quando trabalhou com Marcelo na Comverse

“I’ve worked with Marcelo on many projects related to Sales in Latin America. Marcelo is a great Marketing professional, with the right combination of Marketing know-how, good understanding of market dynamics, and the ability to develope the right relationships with customers and partners. Marcelo is also great to work with, contributing his positive spirit to any team.” 12 de abril de 2010

Eran Cohen, Director of Sales and Marketing, Comverse
gerenciou Marcelo indiretamente na Comverse

“Marcelo is a really good MKT professional who proactively develops comprehensive MKT and communications plans, working to align regional, global strategies and local needs. He is a very responsible, committed and engaged professional, besides being a nice person, pleasant to work with.” 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Marina Cavallo, Account Executive, G&A Comunicação Empresarial
trabalhou indiretamente para Marcelo na Comverse

“I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Marcelo during our time with Comverse. Marcelo was instrumental in helping the Brazilian sales team to bring in significant new business to the company by helping to identify customer needs / problems that the Comverse solutions were able to address. He has the ability to look at the overall customer scenario and to propose marketing initiatives / actions that created interest within the customer’s organization. His research, marketing, and positioning skills are excellent as well as his ability to develop relationships with the customer organization that permit him to gain valuable information as he formulates a solution from the marketing standpoint. Marcelo is a proactive team player and would be an asset to any organization.” 9 de fevereiro de 2010

Javier Jimenez, VP & General Manager Latin America, Comverse
gerenciou Marcelo indiretamente na Comverse

“Marcelo is an excelent professional. Very competente and visionaire. He knows exactly how to create an agressive marketing campaing to promote the company and gain market share. He is also a very easy going person and it’s always pleasant to work with him.” 9 de fevereiro de 2010

Marina Brait Cappi, Account Manager Telecommunication, IBC do Brasil
era consultor ou prestador de serviços de Marcelo para Comverse

“Tive a oportunidade de trabalhar com Marcelo, pessoa de ótimo conhecimento e relacionamento.” 22 de setembro de 2009

Principais qualidades: Ótimos resultados, Especialista, Alta integridade

Gilberto Dallaroza
contratou Marcelo como Consultor de TI em 2004

“Marcelo is a strong Marketing Business Developer and very helpful for any sales executive. His ability to understand customer needs and tansform it into real opportunities has to be considered by every company willing to strenght customer relationship, map and add value to the sales process.” 29 de abril de 2009

Paulo César Ferro, Senior Account Director, Comverse
trabalhou diretamente com Marcelo na Comverse

“Had the pleasure of working with Marcelo with the same formal responsabilities in differente geographical markets. I has been an excellent co-worker with which to share relevant market experiences. Besides, Marcelo is an extremely perceptive and intelligent person. Marcelo is always available to assist in a project, provide new ideas and constructive points of view, while focussing in the key objectives and aims to be achieved. It has been extremely easy to work with him as a team.” 2 de março de 2009

Gustavo Paissan, Marketing Manager, Comverse Network Systems
trabalhou diretamente com Marcelo na Comverse

“Marcelo does an excellent job of understanding the market in such a way that he is able to help the customer while helping the company (his employer). His abilities added value to the sales process and ensured the customer understood how to make the most of the product.” 2 de março de 2009

Bob Kehr, Director of Product Marketing, Comverse
trabalhou com Marcelo na Comverse

“Mr. Fernandes is a very creative, focused and hard working marketing executive. His unique knowledge and experience in brazilian mobile market makes him someone that you must listen before taking any strategic decision in this area.” 19 de março de 2004

Alexandre Borges,
era consultor ou prestador de serviços de Marcelo para Comverse

Latin America Marketing Manager


“I worked with Marcelo during my tenure at LogicaCMG in the US. Marcelo was instrumental in driving Marketing in our Brazilian office in Sao Paulo. He is self-driven, task oriented, very creative and able to guide a Marketing team, as well as to define long-term goals and strategies in order to position a company in the marketplace. I strongly recommend Marcelo to any company looking for a Marketing talent.” 11 de fevereiro de 2010

Eduardo Brazao, Director Sales Support / Sales Support Manager, Latin America, LogicaCMG Wireless Networks / CMG Telecommunications Inc.
trabalhou com Marcelo na LogicaCMG

“Marcelo is a very knowledgable, creative and selfmotivated Marketing Professional. His market & business knowledge in combination with his visionary approach has helped our customers and our company to become more succesfull. Marcelo is a pleasure to work with, his high level of energy has a postive impact on everybody that works around him.” 27 de abril de 2009

Arnold Rijpma, Business Development Manager, LogicaCMG
trabalhou diretamente com Marcelo na LogicaCMG

“Marcelo is high skilled marketing professional who present new ideas and innovative concepts. His business and entrepreneurial vision helped the sales team to closed important deals when we worked together.” 27 de abril de 2009

Sandro Hirai, Account Manager, CMG
trabalhou diretamente com Marcelo na LogicaCMG

“Marcelo was a business partner in the Telco market in the Latin America region and I could assess his high level skills as a Marketing executive, promoting and selling the edge solutions on this arena. We also competed for placing our companies solutions along the same customers so I learned to respect and admire Marcelo’s approach and commitment for excedding his customers expectations, indeed a professional that does know how to do his job well.” 15 de abril de 2009

Dilson Martins, Head of Solutions Consulting – Latin America, Nokia Networks – Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
estava em outra empresa quando trabalhou com Marcelo na LogicaCMG

“Marcelo is a very detail oriented and valued professional marketer. He provided great input at CMG and helped us achieve our goals. His ideas were always current and fresh.” 13 de abril de 2009

Dan Poppelreiter, VP Sales, LogicaCMG
gerenciou Marcelo na LogicaCMG

“Marcelo has a sharp and fast paced vision of tech environment. One of the best guys to talk and build new products!” 6 de abril de 2009

Courtnay Guimaraes, Mobile Solutions Director, Vesta Technologies
estava em outra empresa quando trabalhou com Marcelo na LogicaCMG

“It is a focused professional with deep knowledge in the market in which he operates. Always treated us with respect and seriousness.” 2 de março de 2009

Glauco Forli, Contato Publicitário, Editora Glasberg
era consultor ou prestador de serviços de Marcelo para LogicaCMG

“Marcelo proved to be an energetic and highly creative colleague which I valued a lot for his marketing contributions.” 2 de março de 2009

Tom Voorneveld, Marketing Director, LogicaCMG
trabalhou com Marcelo na LogicaCMG

“Marcelo is a very talented enterpreneur and business manager. We only had the chance to work together for a couple of months but, since then, we became friends and I’ve been watching the briliant work he has done for Huawei, Comverse and NYC. I would hire Marcelo without any equivocation. He is business savvy and very agressive.” 1 de março de 2009

Sidnei Stifelmann, Sales Director, Logica
trabalhou diretamente com Marcelo na LogicaCMG

“Marcelo is a very professional individual, who is driven and self motivated. He has excellent interpersonal skills, that make him a pleasure to work with. He is very reliable and meets his targets in a timely manner.” 28 de fevereiro de 2009

Thomas Demolliens, Sales Manager, LogicaCMG
trabalhou diretamente com Marcelo na LogicaCMG

South America – Sales & Marketing Manager


“I worked with Marcelo at Ericsson in 2000/2001 and he demonstrated to be very proactive, an outstanding team player and a highly skilled professional. Marcelo is the kind of person that I would like to have in my team.” 5 de março de 2010

Martin Quiros, Account Manager, Ericsson
trabalhou com Marcelo na Ericsson

“Marcelo is an outstanding professional to have around when companies need extremely difficult assignments done with excellence. Besides a great ability to handle people, he has an excellent combination of strategic perspective and an unparallel capacity of identifying what needs to be done and mobilize internal resources to do it. While we worked together at Ericsson, he brought initiative and entrepreneurship to a division that badly needed them.” 28 de abril de 2009

Edson Ito, Business Intelligence Analyst, Ericsson Telecomunicações
trabalhou com Marcelo na Ericsson

“I knew Marcelo at Ericsson in 1998. He demonstrated a clear understanding of the key customer issues. At this time, Marcelo was in charge to business development support at Ericsson’s cable segment. He also had opportunity to develop marketing activities locally. Currently, he is experienced business manager.” 16 de abril de 2009

Guilherme Toledo Franca, Senior Marketing Analyst, ERICSSON
trabalhou com Marcelo na Ericsson